What’s Friction Materials

Friction materials—also known as brake materials and clutch materials—are a type of material used to induce friction in situations where slow or decreased movement is necessary.

The definition of friction is the resistance to relative motion that opposes an object’s direction of movement. Friction is created when a solid object comes into contact with a diverging surface. Friction can be used anywhere from simply slowing down or stopping an object to accelerating it to a certain speed.


Applications include clutch and brake systems, operating systems, automotive equipment, gear tooth systems, and industrial machinery that all need to be able to stop or slow down their processes. Components such as friction pads and linings and disc brake pads are made from friction materials.

Industries that make frequent use of these products include construction, automotive, forestry, oil and gas, and mining.

Braking Systems
Friction materials are used in braking systems to slow down wheels or bring them to a stop, as well as preventing movement altogether for other components. Pressing a brake activates a system where a friction material is placed against a moving disc, thus slowing down the connecting wheels.

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