winch brake roll1

Non-asbestos Woven Resin Brake Lining in Roll

Color: brown or on request

Thickness: 5-30mm;

Width: ≤600mm;

Length: 10m, 15m, 20m Or on request

Material: viscose fiber, glass fiber, copper wire, melamine resin

Working condition: 200°C, Pressure: 1.0 Mpa

Application: widely used in decelerating and braking of engineer machines, industry machines and mining machines.

Performance: good elasticity, high tenacity, shock resisting, heat resisting, good duality and anastomosis, agile brake, etc.

We are able to manufacture the color, length and material on your request

Wear Performance of Woven Resin Brake Lining in roll

   Interface Temperature   Friction coefficient   Wear rate(CM3/NM)
       100°C        0.40—0.65         ≤0.7×10-7
       150°C        0.35—0.65         ≤1.1×10-7
       200°C        0.30—0.60         ≤1.3×10-7