Facings and linings for electromagnetic clutches/brakes

Our products mainly use NBR and phenolic resin as adhesive; organic and inorganic fiber as frame; and hot pressed while assorted with senior friction material regulator. These products are asbestos free and toxic heavy metals free, with smooth frictional performance, little abrasion and noiseless, and mainly used for transmission and braking system of motor and solenoid clutch.

Clutch/brake friction blocks for engineering machinery

The product mainly uses NBR and phenolic resinas adhesive, inorganic fiber and a little organic fiber as the frame; hot pressed with the friction material regulators. The product is widely applied in the clutch or brake of engineering machineries, for instance, centrifugal clutches, crane brake, etc. The product has smooth friction performance and oil endurance, with good machinery performance.

Friction bulks for forging machine

The product uses phenolic resin and a few toughness-enhancing materials as adhesive, inorganic fiber and a little organic fiber together with friction material regulators. Heat treated after hot pressed. The product is mainly used for press, with high temperature resistance, smooth friction performance and high mechanical strength.

We can design and make various customized friction material based on customers’ requirement.