Application of Friction Materials

At present, asbestos material is widely used as automobile brake pad. Although its load-bearing capacity is not as good as that of powder metallurgy materials, its friction coefficient is higher and its dynamic and static friction coefficients are close to each other, which can make braking smooth, noise low and the price low. The application […]

Maintenance Points of Automotive Brake Shoes

Brake is an important part of automobiles. Most cars adopt front disc and rear drum brake structure. Generally, front brake pad wears relatively fast and rear brake shoe wears relatively long. The following aspects should be paid attention to in daily inspection and maintenance: 1. Under normal driving conditions, check the brake shoes once every […]

The History of Friction Materials

Friction is a law of nature, and for time immemorial, people have sought to manipulate it. One of the earliest ways that humans learned to make fire, for example, was through creating friction between combustible materials like wood. Some of the earliest scholarly notes we have related to cause the mitigation of friction include those […]

What’s Friction Materials

Friction materials—also known as brake materials and clutch materials—are a type of material used to induce friction in situations where slow or decreased movement is necessary. The definition of friction is the resistance to relative motion that opposes an object’s direction of movement. Friction is created when a solid object comes into contact with a […]