Raik Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Raik Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is professional supplier of high-performance friction materials to the international vehicle and machine- industry for over 14 years. By decades of experiences we have developed over 8000 kinds of frictional material products such as Steel, Sintered Bronze, Organic, Graphitic and Semi-Metallic products are available for applications such as:

Industrial clutches, transmissions, engineering machinery and other industrial machine tools.

Marine Transmissions(gear box)

Construction Equipment

Agricultural Machinery

Vehicle, tractor, forklift, agriculture farm equipment

Power transmission, wind turbine

Mobile and Material Handling Equipment

Our product range is extensive, including friction materials, friction plate, brake pads, brake shoes, clutch facings, brake lining, brake sheet, brake bands, discs, clutches, industrial fiber wool-felt, friction cowhide and brake and clutch spares for every kind of application.

For each application we have a customized product, including high-performance friction materials for wet and dry-running applications, mating discs and fully assembled friction packages.

Whether you are designing new equipment or looking for replacement service parts we would be pleased to work with you to supply your needs.

If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will endeavor to innovate and provide outstanding customer service.